Monday, March 7, 2011


I hate this project.

I have made like 4 different versions for this project. I didn't like the first two things I came up with at all. Actually, I was too embarrassed to show the class those two. Haha. These are the last two editions I have had so far.

March 7

This is the latest of what I have so far. After some thought, I do care to abandon my original intention to sticking to these colors. I am somewhat unhappy with this. I feel like I have done two different works and smooshed them together.  I feel like if I bring the background back to full opacity and just play with the color palette I could achieve my original intention with the foreground element.

March 2

This is what I did last Wednesday.  I chose to work with the same colors. For what reason I do not know but I felt like I should. I felt like this one has also strayed from the 'abstract' assignment given to us. I believe that it abstracts the concept, space, and time from the icon poster, but I feel like I have created a whole new meaning in a different direction. My solution to this was to create some kind of element that could add more depth and bring some kind of direction unity in the workspace. My hopes were that this new element would create less conception and have the piece concentrate more on aesthetics.  

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