Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giant Panda Population Infographics

This is a graph I made for the infographics assignment. It shows the population of the endangered Giant Panda since the 1970's. This entry is unfinished. I still have to add population numbers next to the bars and I want to make the grid in the background less noticeable. I chose to make the top of the bars circular  because I feel that giant pandas are very round creatures and have been portrayed as such in the past. I feel that the little panda icons I have created within those circles illustrates this idea. The pandas achieve this because they are created only from circles. The relationship between the pandas circles and the circle it is enclosed in is apparent. This is also the reason for the roundness of the font I chose. The background  colors are earthy type colors that I felt would relate to the environmental subject and the environment in which the giant panda resides. I feel the colorful candy like colors displayed in the graph bars display how the panda is portrayed in some of out pop culture (e.g. Hello Panda, Pandapple, panda inernet videos). I feel that using this combination of the pandas natural environment and our perception of the panda creates a great identity for this infographic.

Here is what it turned out after a little more work.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Examples of Info-graphics or Data Visualization

This is an interesting infographic that could influence an oil spill graph. The sinking ship idea is pretty swagger.

This graphic is interesting. You could do an oil spill theme by having similar graphics in grey scale with heaver blacks and bolder strokes representing years that had more oil spills.

If I want to go with the endangered species graphics this is good inspiration. It has the vector images I wanted to do. I don't think this is the whole graphic so it's a bit hard to understand, but it I believe it's saying that there is 1 of these animals to the given number of humans. Crazy.


The subject I want for my INFOGRAPHIC / DATA VISUALIZATION project is going to either be endagered species population or oil spill history. I have a few ideas for the visual representation for each. One for oil spill history one would be ships titled S.S. "XXXX" (XXXX being the year). From a crack of the hull would leak oil varying on how many spills occurred that year. For the endangered species I would want to find a species who's population continues to dwindle and dwindle more and more. I would have vector icons of this animal that would represent a certain number of the population. I would have the icons put into a circle to form a ring. Each ring closer to the center of the circle represents a more current time period and a lesser population.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Abstract Final

I had a really earlier version of this color scheme a week and a half ago. I forgot to put it up I guess. =[  This is the final though. I feel like it actually changes how one should "feel" about the poster.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I hate this project.

I have made like 4 different versions for this project. I didn't like the first two things I came up with at all. Actually, I was too embarrassed to show the class those two. Haha. These are the last two editions I have had so far.

March 7

This is the latest of what I have so far. After some thought, I do care to abandon my original intention to sticking to these colors. I am somewhat unhappy with this. I feel like I have done two different works and smooshed them together.  I feel like if I bring the background back to full opacity and just play with the color palette I could achieve my original intention with the foreground element.

March 2

This is what I did last Wednesday.  I chose to work with the same colors. For what reason I do not know but I felt like I should. I felt like this one has also strayed from the 'abstract' assignment given to us. I believe that it abstracts the concept, space, and time from the icon poster, but I feel like I have created a whole new meaning in a different direction. My solution to this was to create some kind of element that could add more depth and bring some kind of direction unity in the workspace. My hopes were that this new element would create less conception and have the piece concentrate more on aesthetics.