Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Modern Hieroglyphs

I am not really sure how to do this weekly post thing or whatever... Here are some pictures I found that I believe relate.

Simply silhouetted objects make the modern hieroglyph.  Here are three examples of these symbols variety.  

The top is what I first thought of when I was reading the part about the Man and Woman representing the different bathrooms.  This image uses people to represent a popular TV show about business life called "The Office." 

As I read further into the article I discovered more modern hieroglyphs that use symbols other than people to represent different things.  The middle image uses a bear silhouette to represent bears cross the road.  The bottom image uses silhouettes of tools (hammer and sickle) to represent the ideas of the USSR.

I believe these images relate to the article by being silhouetted icons that represent different and more detailed ideas.

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