Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Swastika

It's ironic that the origins of the Swastika would be so positive since the symbol is looked at with such animosity in current society.  This idea led me to think of another symbol.

The pentagram is a symbol looked at with negativity. People look at it and see heresy and evil. It's origins actually mean the 5 elements, protection, and the creation of life.  This shows how the use of some symbols can create completely different meanings for them.

A symbol with similar meanings to the pentagram but has been used contrastingly with the Swastika is the hexagram.  The hexagram is not just a symbol used by the Jews.  It has been iconic symbol throughout the ages for many peoples and religions. The use I thought of was that in the Vitruvian Man shown below. This symbol represents the mathematical proportions of the human anatomy. Another symbol of a form of equality.

The last symbol I thought of was the Star of David form of the hexagram.

As I said earlier, This symbols has clashed with the Swastika's current influence on modern society. However, it is still a symbol that has brought a mass of people with similar thoughts and ideas together.  That is something that the Swastika and the Star of David share.

The Peace Symbol

The peace symbols is a representation of many positive ideas. When thinking of peace I thought of equality and the uniform lack of conflict.  This made me think of Yin and Yang.

This symbol made me think of the version with koi fish as a representation of good vs bad... light vs dark... sun vs moon.. etc.

After this I just thought of Pepsi utilizing this contrast graphically.

I believe that all these symbols relate to the peace symbol because they all relate to the subsiding of negativity. They are all meant to express a lack of conflict through equality and balance. 

Gerd Arntz

I found this image off the Gerd Arntz website in the isotype section.  I needed somewhere to start. I couldn't just think of something.

This image reminded me of old coat of arms, so I found this image.

This image reminded me of coat of arms tattoos so I found this image... 

All these images are related because they are practically the same image.  Each one is different in its own sense though.  The coat of arms traditionally is a representation of name and family. I am unsure of the isotype's purpose of representation, but I could imagine it being related to that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Symbols: The Alphabet of the Human Thought

When I read the section about logos the Weiner Werstatee symbol reminded me of the Volkswagen logo.

From the Volkswagen logo I was reminded of driving and road signs.  That let me to find this sign.

From the road sign I was reminded of roads and what different pictograms meant.  I thought of a cross walk sign.

By being reminded of brand identity of a car company through similar logo designs I was led to think of two pictograms that represent two different types of ideas in cars and driving. 


I only used pieces from one size of the Fraktur typeface.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Modern Hieroglyphs

I am not really sure how to do this weekly post thing or whatever... Here are some pictures I found that I believe relate.

Simply silhouetted objects make the modern hieroglyph.  Here are three examples of these symbols variety.  

The top is what I first thought of when I was reading the part about the Man and Woman representing the different bathrooms.  This image uses people to represent a popular TV show about business life called "The Office." 

As I read further into the article I discovered more modern hieroglyphs that use symbols other than people to represent different things.  The middle image uses a bear silhouette to represent bears cross the road.  The bottom image uses silhouettes of tools (hammer and sickle) to represent the ideas of the USSR.

I believe these images relate to the article by being silhouetted icons that represent different and more detailed ideas.